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  • Are socially responsible businesses important to your investment portfolio? We want to speak with you about how living wage certification can help you with due diligence and generally sharpen your focus on a prime indicator of corporate social responsibility. Living wage is a leading sustainability issue, connected to a wealth of benefits for businesses, workers and communities, Living Wage On-Up could be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Email us today to set up a time to talk!

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  • Living Wage On-Up needs the support of donors and civil society partners to launch this valuable nationwide living wage certification system that will help address so many of the social and economic inequality issues that we face today. If you like what we are doing and would be interested to hear more and/or find out how you can help us meet our fundraising goals, we would be love to hear from you. Just send us an email today!

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  • If you are an employer who understands the benefits of paying a living wage and are interested in living wage certification, then let us know! We will launch the Living Wage On-Up certification before the end of 2019, but contacting us now means that you can benefit from early information on living wage rates, opportunities to comment on the living wage certification standard, and more. Just email us through our contact us page. Need more info first? Check out our certify page.

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How to Join the Living Wage On-Up Community


Employers who want to pay living wages, but are not quite sure how to make that happen, can join our membership community to find guidance and peer support that can help them on their journey. In the near future, this member community will include working groups on applying living wage in domestic and international supply chains, aligned with principals and methodology supported by the Global Living Wage Coalition.

Local Living Wage Certifications

We respect and honor the work of localized living wage certifications and efforts that have been making a difference on living wage issues for state and local businesses, workers, and communities. We would love to learn from your experience and explore ways to work together so that Living Wage On-Up can also benefit the broader living wage movement. We are currently exploring how local efforts and chapters may help us to reach more small business employers and would love to speak with you if you are driving geographically specific living wage efforts in the U.S. Email Us today!

Civil Society

We welcome and encourage labor unions and other non-profit organizations that work on wage and benefits issues to reach out to us, share your thoughts, and consider becoming a part of our membership community in order to ensure that your expertise and the voices of your constituents are represented in our efforts.


Whether living wages are already an important factor in your decisions about where to shop, dine, or work, or you just want to learn more about the benefits of living wages for working families and businesses, we encourage you learn, read and share! Explore our website, follow us on social media, and send us your own stories! Once we launch the Living Wage On-Up certification we would love for you to support those employers that are certified as paying a living wage to all their employees and on-site contracted workers. Make sure to snap a picture of yourself at or with area Living Wage On-Up employers, and share @livingwageonup, #livingwage to show your support!

Recognizing the challenges of living wage payment, Living Wage On-Up’s certification model is designed to support employers along the journey. Employers who are not yet equipped to pay living wage to all of their employees, but have made a time-bound commitment to do so, can join our membership coalition as affiliates to learn from their peers, the labor community, and civil society partners while working toward a certification goal. For employers operating globally, Living Wage On-Up draws on its founders’ international living wage experience and partnerships to create consistency for global operations and supply chains.

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