Louisa Williams Schibli

Board of Directors

Ms. Schibli is an experienced entrepreneur, forward thinker and creative problem solver. She’s used technology as a way to introduce new online communities and markets. Her recent role as co-founder and CEO of Milk Money Vermont, an online equity crowd-funding platform connecting all Vermonters with opportunities to invest in Vermont businesses, included not only creating the platform but also the development and education of a new market. In 2017, Milk Money won Vermont Businesses For Social Responsibility’s (VBSR) Innovation and Inspiration Award. Her recent area of focus has been in the funding ecosystem for Vermont businesses by connecting the players while educating businesses of their funding options in a centralized place.

Ms. Schibli successfully guided Milk Money through its recent acquisition by The Vermont Innovation Commons where she continues to pursue ways to grow the Community Capital movement and ways the Milk Money platform can support this effort.

Passionate about the people and businesses of Vermont, in particular female founded/led businesses, Ms. Schibli led the charge to bring iFundWomen to Vermont as an alternative source of funding. She’s also a founding member of the Vermont Women’s Investor Network (WIN) that supports female investors and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Vermont with goals of pooling skills, expertise, and capital to help close the gender gap in funding; supporting local businesses; creating positive environmental and social impact; and generating positive financial return.

Having lived abroad for 12 years, Ms. Schibli developed and launched the first online database for English speaking expats living in Switzerland. As an early adapter of using the internet to share knowledge and information, she facilitated over a hundred businesses to create their first online presence.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Schibli worked at Glencore (formerly Marc Rich & Co) where she was responsible for physical delivery of bulk alumina from refineries to smelters around the world which included chartering ships, documentation, communication and billing for each shipment.